Emma Murray

Book credits:

Emma Murray / Doing Business the Alan Sugar Way (Wiley/Capstone 2010) – WH Smith chart
Emma Murray / How to Succeed as a Freelancer in Publishing (How To Books 2010) – featured in The Bookseller under “The Best Books on Publishing.”

Areas of specialism: business, academic, psychology, memoir.

Following almost a decade in investment banking (Morgan Stanley, Northern Trust), Emma took a massive career jump into her dream job and is now a bestselling author and ghostwriter.

Emma is also a columnist for the business website Management Issues (www.management-issues.com) and has written for trade publications, The Bookseller, and The Author. Emma also writes White Papers and thought leadership pieces for blue chip organisations, psychology articles for journals, and business management modules for university courses.

During her career, Emma has worked with a wide range of clients from all over the world, including figures in the public eye: Lewis Gordon Pugh, polar adventurer and colleague of Al Gore; Ralf little, actor, (The Royle Family); Graham Johnson, investigative journalist and author (Powder Wars), and Dr Michael Sinclair, top psychologist and advisor to the media.

Projects include:

Principles of Management – academic textbook for graduates/Master’s degree students (Wiley US 2013)
Fear and Self-Loathing in the City (self-help/psychology) by Dr Michael Sinclair (Karnac 2009)
Century of Insight (psychology) by Dr. D. Macdiarmid (Karnac 2013)
The Devil by Random House author, Graham Johnson
The Golden Generation by Stephen Morris, and the actor Ralf Little